Privacy Policy


The Neilson Hays Library champions the protection of personal privacy. Protecting library user privacy and keeping confidential information that identifies individuals or associates individuals with their use of library books, materials, equipment, programs, facilities, and/or staff assistance is an integral principle of the Library. This policy affirms the Library’s commitment to privacy, explains the information that the Library collects, and alerts visitors to Library facilities and users of remotely accessed Library services to the privacy choices they face.


  1. The Library will keep all such information that it purposefully or inadvertently collects or maintains confidential to the fullest extent permitted by the law of Thailand.
  2. To make this policy easy to find, the Library makes it available on the Library’s Website and at every point where personally identifiable information may be requested.
  3. Protection of confidentiality extends to information sought or received and borrowed.
  4. Protection of confidentiality includes database search records, circulation records, and other personally identifiable uses of library materials, facilities, or services.
  5. The Library does not collect personal information about a library user when a user visits the Library’s Website, registers for a program, or registers for a library card unless the user authorizes the Library to have that information. The user has the option to participate or not participate.
  6. Any information the library user chooses to provide will be used only to provide or improve library services, such as information gathered through voluntary library user surveys.
  7. The Library protects library user account information by placing it on a secure server.