Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Library Membership 

1.  The Neilson Hays Library membership fee is non-refundable.  Your membership will be processed upon confirmation of payment.  Your library card can be picked up at the library.
2.  The Library shall be open for the use of members: Tuesday-Sunday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
3.  The Library is closed on Mondays and on public holidays and special events as announced.
4.  The following membership fees and entitlements shall apply:

  •          Family                                        12 books (including 4 new books) + 10 colors label books
  •          Single Adult                               6 books (including 2 new books) + 10 colors label books
  •          Senior Citizen (over 65)          6 books (including 2 new books) + 10 colors label books
  •          Single Child (up to age 12)     6 children’s books (including 2 new books) + 10 pink label books

         Book deposit (Family, Adult: 500 Baht; Senior Citizen, Children: 300 Baht)

(The book deposit will be donated to the library if not collected within 2 years of your membership expiration)

5.  Members are requested to be considerate of each other and not borrow more than 4 “new” books at a time with a Family membership, and not more than 2 “new” books with a Adult, Single Child or Senior membership.  Books are considered “new” for approximately 9 months from the time they are first put on the shelf, and will be stamped “Two Weeks” on the due date slip.

6.  “New” books may be borrowed for a period of two weeks. Other books may be borrowed for a period of four weeks, and are renewable upon application to the Library for ONE additional loan period UNLESS PREVIOUSLY RESERVED BY ANOTHER MEMBER.  Books may be renewed under the above-listed circumstances either in person, email to neilson.library@gmail.com, or by phoning 02-233-1731 during library hours.

7.  Members not resident in Bangkok may borrow the number of books allocated by their membership for an extended period of two months.  No renewal period will be allowed, and such members may not borrow “new” books for more than two weeks.  This privilege does not extend to Bangkok residents who are traveling.

8.  The member shall be wholly responsible for the return of the books in his/her possession when due.  Fines on overdue books shall be 5 Baht per book per day, up to a maximum of 500 Baht.  Fines will be assessed on a seven-day/week basis, and will cease to accrue when the book is returned, either at the desk or to the book drop near the front gate.

9.  If, after a period of three months, overdue books have not been returned, the book shall be deemed lost and the member shall be invoiced for the cost of replacement + shipping charges. Until this has been paid, regretfully membership shall be suspended.  If a book is lost, paid for, and subsequently found again within three months of payment, full refund can be given, provided a replacement has not yet been ordered.

10.  The member shall be wholly responsible for the book(s) in his/her care and for their return in good condition.  In case of damage – including missing pages, writing or marking in book – the member shall pay a sum as assessed by the librarian, up to the replacement value of the book.

11.  Books may be reserved through the librarian.