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“I love being in the library – it’s a bit of history in the middle of a very busy city, surrounded by books. My way of escaping from stress for a few hours!” — Rajen, Member




  • Members have access to our entire collection, which currently stands at approximately 20,000 titles. Upon new membership confirmation, members are entitled to borrow straightaway, up to the limits specified in their membership category.
  • Members enjoy free or discounted entry to our many events.
  • Dedicated children’s corner: Saturday story time, crafts, and themed events allowing children the opportunity to discover the joy of reading and learning.
  • Generous loan periods of up to four weeks (excluding new titles which are limited to two weeks). Books may be renewed (in person, by phone or email) if not requested by another member.
  • Members are welcome to browse our magazine and newspaper collections free of charge. Members can borrow magazines (excluding the latest issue) for up to two weeks.
  • Members can place reservation requests with our Librarian.
  • Book drop available 24/7
  • Members are invited to submit suggestions for new book purchases to our book-buying committee.
  • Free Wi-Fi for members in the library building, which offers a quiet place to work, relax or study.


Please note that all new memberships require a one-off book deposit of 500THB or 300THB for Senior Citizen or Child memberships. This deposit can be reclaimed when closing membership at the Library, providing all books have been returned.

Family Membership

Annual Subscription: 3,300THB (or 5,000THB for 2 years; 2,400THB for 6 months)
Entitlement: 12 books at a time – including 4 new* books

Adult Membership (age 13+ years)

Annual Subscription: 2,500THB (or 1,900THB for 6 months)
Entitlement: 6 books at a time – including 2 new* books

Senior Membership (age 65+ years)

Annual Subscription: 1,500THB (or 1,200THB for 6 months)
Entitlement: 6 books at a time – including 2 new* books

Child Membership (age up to 12 years)

Annual Subscription: 1,700THB (or 1,200 for 6 months)
Entitlement: 6 children’s books – including 2 new* books


* Please note that the “new” category refers to books that are less than 1 year old and are therefore likely to be in high demand.

In addition to the book check-out limits above, all members are also allowed to take out an addition 10 paperback books that do not have barcodes on them.

To join the Neilson Hays Library, please consider which Membership Type best suits you and complete the ONLINE FORM.

You may submit the form electronically or if you are coming to the library in person, you may prefer to print it out and bring it with you and pay by cash or bank card in person.  Please do not mail cash.



Membership can be renewed at the library or  ONLINE HERE

You may pay by cash or bank card in person but please do not mail cash.


Renewing Books

Books may be renewed once the initial loan period has expired, as long as they have not been requested by another member. It is not necessary to bring the books to the library. Renewals can be made to the Librarian by either:

Telephone: 02-233-1731